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Java Foundations: Coding with Christ

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"Java Foundations: Coding with Christ" is a unique six-week online course designed to bridge the worlds of technology and faith, teaching Java programming through the lens of Christian values. Participants will embark on a comprehensive learning journey, covering everything from Java basics to advanced programming concepts, including object-oriented programming, exception handling, and recursion. Each session is crafted to not only enhance technical skills but also to instill ethical decision-making and a sense of community among learners. The course employs interactive tools like for hands-on coding practice, ensuring that students can immediately apply what they learn in a supportive, faith-centered environment. This program is perfect for beginners eager to enter the field of technology with a foundation rooted in Christian principles, preparing them for both technical challenges and moral leadership in the digital age.

Coming Soon in Late May!

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What We

Week 1

Introduction to Java Basics

Kick start your journey into Java programming, covering the setup of development environments and crafting your first Java application. Initial lessons focus on Java’s significance, basic syntax, and simple programming exercises.

Week 3

Object-Oriented Programming Basics

Dive into the core of Java programming with classes and objects, learning to encapsulate data and behavior within your programs. Introduction to constructors and the fundamentals of object-oriented design are covered.

Week 5

Advanced Topics

Address advanced programming concepts such as exception handling for robust applications and file I/O for data persistence. Recursion is introduced, showcasing its power in solving complex problems.

Week 2

Control Structures and Methods

Explore Java's control structures for decision-making and looping, alongside an introduction to methods for modular coding. You'll practice using variables, operators, and writing methods to perform specific tasks.

Week 4

Arrays and ArrayList

Learn to manage and manipulate collections of data using arrays and ArrayLists, including techniques for sorting and searching elements. This week emphasizes data handling and efficient use of collections.

Week 6

Recursion and Review

Expand on recursion techniques and apply these concepts to more sophisticated problems. The course concludes with a comprehensive review and assessment, solidifying your Java programming knowledge.



Interactive Learning:
Engage with each topic through hands-on practice on, ensuring you apply what you learn in real-time.


Faith Integration:

Discover how Christian values can guide ethical coding practices and leadership in the tech industry.


Community Support:

Join a like-minded community of learners and mentors, fostering growth in both faith and technical skills.


Expert Instruction:

Learn from experienced high school teachers renowned for their ability to blend technology education with Christian values, ensuring a deep and practical understanding of Java programming.

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